Hellbound: the South Korean death-fest that wipes the floor with Squid Game squib

The terrifying Netflix show also deals in violent ends – with demonic smackdowns by CGI brutes – but it’s so much more than Squid Game. This is truly exceptional drama that will be spoken about for decades

The easiest thing in the world would be to call Hellbound the new Squid Game. After all, they’re both South Korean dramas, they both deal in violent death and they’re both smash hits on Netflix. This week it was reported that Hellbound had topped ratings in 80 different countries within 24 hours of premiering, and had overtaken Squid Game as the platform’s most-watched show.

Of course, the comparisons are valid. Squid Game was such a marker – not only in putting Korean dramas firmly in the mainstream, but in underlining the popularity of shows not in English – that it was always going to swallow up the next thing to come along. Remember how every female-fronted comedy was called “the new Fleabag” for years after that show debuted? This is a similar thing, only with screaming Korean people dying in unimaginably horrible ways.

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