Psst . . . App-Controlled Christmas Trees Are a Thing, and They're Beyond Jolly squib

'Tis the season to shop Christmas trees! While the idea of heading to your local tree farm and chopping down a full-bodied balsam fir sounds nice, in reality, a live tree's lost needles, need for constant watering, and tricky light setup can be a pain in the you-know-what. Thankfully, artificial Christmas trees are an easier option, and app-controlled Christmas trees, in particular, hit it out of the park in terms of holiday fun. These tech-savvy trees' stunning light displays make them an incredibly enticing option for families that enjoy a light show or for those who love to host in a holiday decor-filled home. For these app-controlled Christmas trees, you can choose a pre-set lighting option that ranges from kaleidoscopes to candlelights and more, or you can create an effect of your own - the lights can even change from blue to white to beige and more. If the idea of a Christmas tree controlled by the touch of a button fills you with joy, take a look at the app-controlled Christmas trees we've found ahead.

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