Couple Signed a Life Insurance Policy. Two Days Later the Wife Was Dead squib

Photo Illustration by The Daily Beast/Instagram

Last Thursday, Christopher Collins called Texas police from a gym and asked them to conduct a welfare check. His wife, Yuanhua Liang, had texted him about an intruder in their house, he claimed, and now he couldn’t reach her.

The 41-year-old husband—a freelance graphic designer and financial adviser, according to his various social media profiles—allegedly told cops he didn’t rush home because Liang could be paranoid at times. When Collins met Harris County deputies at the couple’s residence, they found Liang shot to death in the living room.

Now Collins is charged with her murder, and investigators say he “went to great lengths” to make it look like someone else killed her. According to prosecutors’ statements at a hearing on Thanksgiving morning, Collins told officers that he and Liang didn’t keep guns or “live ammunition.” He also claimed they didn’t have any life insurance.

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