Can't Find the Sold-Out TikTok Cutting Board? We've Tracked Down 3 Alternatives squib


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If you've been on TikTok lately, chances are you've probably seen rave reviews for a very particular cutting board. You know, the one where you can slice, chop, grate, and store all your veggies all in one. Well, in case it hasn't yet graced your For You page, this TikTok-famous cutting board is a saving grace for anyone who takes kitchen organization seriously. It has four built-in compartments that can hold all the food you've so expertly prepped, and it comes with three handy attachments - a slicer, a fine grater, and a coarse grater.

You can see the crafty tool in action in a video posted by TikTok creator @kaelimaee, which has unsurprisingly gone viral since she first shared it. In response to thousands of comments, @kaelimaee has shared the link to the Shinestar Cutting Board from her video, but unfortunately it is now sold out on Amazon with no sign of restock.

If you weren't able to click Add to Cart on time, fortunately, there are three nearly identical options that are still available. The closest in style and dimension is the Ecozoi Extra Large Bamboo Cutting Board ($40), but the slightly smaller Bamboo Land Bamboo Cutting Board ($58) is comparable as well, and even comes with a vegetable peeler set. The Peace and Love Global Bamboo Cutting Board ($59) is also a great alternative, but has three compartments instead of four. It is, however, the only cutting board of the three that has lids for each compartment like the original. Aside from these minor differences, the cutting boards are all made of bamboo, have removable compartments, and come with grating and slicing attachments.

$40 to $60 might sound like a steep price for a cutting board, even one that's made of high quality bamboo, but according to the Amazon reviews - the majority of which give the product five stars - it's entirely worth it. Not only are you paying for the bamboo, which is known for being one of the best cutting surfaces, but you're also paying for convenience and efficiency. If you tend to do a lot of meal prepping, or don't have much counter space, you can't go wrong with adding this to your kitchen. And let's be honest, if an item as basic as a cutting board is sold out, you know there has to be a really good reason why.

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