US Snowboarding Team Olympic Uniforms Come With a Lucky Faux Rabbit's Foot squib

If you're not already psyched for the 2022 Winter Olympics, seeing this video of the US Snowboarding Team's Olympic uniforms will make you wish it were February! Made by Volcom, the official uniform includes a wildly printed reversible three-in-one Gore-tex jacket and roomy snow pants with a suit-inspired look (briefcases not included!). Hidden in the pocket of every uniform is a red, white, and blue striped lucky faux rabbit's foot, giving the rider a little luck when they go for gold in Beijing.

If you want to sport the Olympic look at home, Volcom has a whole USST line, complete with jackets, sweatshirts, fleece mittens, and, of course, that lucky rabbit's foot. Keep reading to see the official Olympic kits (outfits) and a few of the Winter Olympic items you can purchase for yourself.

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