Inside Porn’s Silliest New Trend: Women Stuck in Things squib

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The darndest things turn people on. Consumers buy pornographic videos of women eating, women pretending to fuck their stepsons, and women engaged in all sorts of other scenarios. For the past two years, a new genre has taken Porn Valley by storm: scenes of men fucking women who are stuck. Take my recent foray into the genre. At the start of the video, I pretend to get stuck in a dryer to seduce my fictional stepson, then scream: “Oh, Randy! Help me, I’m stuck!” He runs in and says, “Stepmom, you are clearly not stuck in the drier; if you want to fuck, you should have said so,” then pounds me.

Other videos show women stuck in fridges, cars, garbage disposals, and all different sorts of inanimate objects. The videos sound hilarious, but in my opinion, they exist for a serious reason: Mastercard, Visa, and other credit card-processing companies restrict what pornographers can sell, especially in the genre of fake non-consent, which has significantly decreased the amount of high-end content in that genre. Pornographers and consumers are trapped, and trapped women videos set us free.

Mastercard has restricted pornographers for years. Although First Amendment laws protect the right to sell fictional films showcasing adult actors in scripted scenes of fake incest or non-consensual sex, Mastercard and other financial service companies enforce strict rules about what types of porn consumers can buy with credit and debit cards. These rules range from which fingers I can put in my asshole (no thumbs!) to what types of objects I can insert in my vagina to what a son can and cannot call his mother figure. (Meanwhile, Hollywood depicts incest and rape regularly.) In other words, Mastercard restricts what you jack off to, even if it’s legal for you to watch a woman get fisted.

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