OMG, I Want That House: Tivoli, NY squib

Alon Koppel

Remember those good ol’ days in long ago 2021 when there was a bright spot where it seemed like the world may be getting back to normal? Well, those dreams have been soundly obliterated by Omicron. The upside is, if you managed to miss the real estate rush of the past two years, now is still the perfect time to secure a new end-of-days retreat. The Barn in Tivoli is a nearly $1.9 million paradise that perfectly fits that description: 3,300 square feet of living space, 4.5 acres to run your frustrations out on outside, access to a creek and woods, and a rural location that’s not too far from the center of the village.

The Hudson River Valley is known for its antiquing, which is the vibe of the main house on this property. The structure was originally built in the late 1800s as a barn, but was renovated to be a charming, rustic modern home with all the luxurious amenities denied its former equine inhabitants.

The property has four bedrooms, which is plenty of space for your family. In even better news, these rooms are spread across two buildings—the main home in the converted barn and a more modern cottage. We strongly believe this set-up should be mandatory in all new properties—enough space for a quarantine bubble but with a layout that allows the crew to spread out for much needed alone time.

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