N.Korea's state TV shows railway-borne missile squib

Drills were conducted on Friday (January 14), it said. KRT released photographs showing a missile launched from the top of an olive-green train in a mountainous area and also the missile coming down on a small island sending up a cloud of smoke and debris as it hits the ground.South Korea's Joint Chiefs of Staff said two short-range ballistic missiles travelled about 430 km (267 miles) to a maximum altitude of 36 km (22 miles) after being launched eastward on the northwest coast of North Korea.The official KCNA news agency did not specify the missiles' range, or trajectory, but said a firing drill was held in North Pyongan Province to "check and judge the proficiency in the action procedures of the railway-borne regiment." The country tested the rail-based system for the first time last September, saying it was designed as a potential counter-strike to any threatening forces.
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